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Monitor Tester can guide you in setting and adjusting the parameters and controls of your monitor. You can test and adjust the picture size and position, color convergence and purity, white balance, brightness and contrast, focus, moiré and interference.
Size: 295k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: SoftDarek

Zeigt alle DLLs an, die zur Zeit geladen sind. Die DLLs können auch aus dem Speicher gelöscht werden. Vorsicht beim Entladen von DLLs, das gesamte Windows kann dabei abstürzen!
Size: 121k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Mirko Boeer

The TAPIMaster® TAPI Line Watcher allows you to test the TAPI interface without special TAPI knowledge. It can give you a good overview of switch performance when you are buying a PBX and can show you which telephony functions the switch provides. More TAPI Tools ...
Size: 172k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Tino Kasubke Software

You do not have any PBX and would like to install TAPIMaster ® nevertheless, however, on a trial basis? No problem. The Demo TAPI-Treiber emulates a PBX. Please copy the TMDEMO.TSP file tn the SYSTEM 32 directory of the server computer. Open the "Phone and ...
Size: 172k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Tino Kasubke Software

Expert system for detailed analyse of German ec-Card, GeldKarte, MiniCash, healthcare-cards and telephone cards. A real window to the smart card.
Telephone Card - Smartcard - Chipcard - Geldkarte - Ec-card - Minicash - Healthcare-card
Size: 1,971k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Chipcard master

Tool for stressing the CPU, to test applications or your own programm. Analyse the Critical points and performanceproblems or timouts. Softwareengineers can test timecritical programm modules with different conditions.

The programm CPUuse will be often youse for softwareengineering.
For Multitasking programms provoke timeouts.

The range ...
Size: 782k, Revised: May 12th 2008, By: Modulesoft

Software Downloads 1-6 of 6