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Bright Rockets Screensaver is a bright and charming screensaver for your PC. You can see a number of flare-colored missiles as they rush up leaving a long "tail" on a dark background. Then the new missiles are flying and so it goes on forever. To ...
Free - Free Screensaver - special effects screensaver - Bright Rockets Screensaver
Size: 17,565k, Revised: September 13th 2013, By: Gordon Freeman

NEW! Walking on Mars screensaver. See the planet from the GROUND! Walking on Mars is a breathtaking journey on the surface of mars, presenting over 70 rarely seen photographs from the Mars Rovers, over 30 minutes of (mutable) rich stereo music, and 50 customizable transition ...
Size: 31k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By: Sestus Data

Take a trip to the most distant areas of our Solar System and survey the planet Neptune, the eighth and farthest site from the Sun. Enjoy the beautiful animated views of this deep blue planet. Be amazed by fascinating space scenes accompanied with relaxing and ...
Screensaver - Screen Saver - 3d - Space - Planet - Neptune
Size: 5,130k, Revised: October 22nd 2012, By: Digital Minds Software

Heavenly Spheres Paperweights Screen Saver contains 26 beautiful computer artwork images of paperweights and glass spheres.The perfect gift for a collector of paperweights or glass objects of art.You can set the timing and transistions between images.
 , Revised: October 18th 2012, By: Pixel Paradox

Inside the Cell 3D screensaver will provide you with a unique opportunity to plunge into the very depths of the living organism. You will be able to explore the mysteries of life in the micro-world and see what goes on inside living cells. It is ...
Free - Download - Screensaver - Screensavers - Science - 3d - Cell - Living - 3d Screensaver - DNA - bilology - micro-world
Size: 2,867k, Revised: October 18th 2012, By: Digital Minds Software

7art Planets screensaver brings you 24 amazing images of the Solarsystem planets.The Planets shots (true color, 800x600 resolution) take turns with various originaltransitional effects that make your PC's screen cosmic look. The 7art Planets screensaver will help you to feel like astronauts in a star ...
 , Revised: October 17th 2012, By: 7art-screensavers

The Earth from Cosmos Screensaver shows images of our planet. On your display: Best cosmic pictures of the Earth, a view of mainlands and countries, magic images of atmosphere. The screen saver includes a 30 amazing images.All Pictures in resolution 800*600 pix. and High Color ...
Earth - Download Free - Atmosphere - photo space - desktop decoration - Earth from Cosmos - earth from space - mainlands - photo from cosmos - photo from nasa - pictures from nasa - pictures from space - pictures from cosmos - free downl
Size: 2,949k, Revised: October 13th 2012, By: Altix Soft

Screensaver that shows a 3D random arbitrary solar system that shows planets with random orbits and textures from real solar system planets and imaginary planets around the sun. It's free of adware,ads,virus,etc... and it's freeware.
Size: 952k, Revised: October 12th 2012, By: HarmonicBits

Stunning computer effects that will dazzle and amaze you with 20 full size images. See the swirly colourful psychadelic effects designed to entrance you and take you into another dimension. You don't need drugs to get high, you need Digital Swirls! Download this mesmerising free ...
Screensaver - Digital - Effects - Free Screensaver - computer effects - swirls
Size: 3,635k, Revised: October 9th 2012, By:

If physics or astronomy interest you, or perhaps you are a billiards enthusiast, then check out this screensaver! Having numerous pool balls suspended in zero gravity, the chaos of constant motion and collisons is fascinating. What's more, there is also a FOUR dimensional mode to ...
Size: 594k, Revised: October 6th 2012, By: SpookyVibe Productions

Screensaver that shows 50 photos of namibia: Swakopmund, Sossusvlei, Etosha Nationalpark, Dune 45, Namib, Dead Vlei etc.
Screen Saver - Swakopmund - Sossusvlei - Etosha Nationalpark - Dune 45 - Namib - screensaver namibia - Dead Vlei
Size: 8,079k, Revised: October 1st 2012, By: Philipp Winterberg

40 images from NASA's photographic archives of research vehicles.See some of the aircraft that made aeronautical history. You set the timing and transistions between images.
 , Revised: September 30th 2012, By: Pixel Paradox

Star Way Millenium screen saver going to change your perception of reality in a better way. Strange patterns are moving across the screen to draw your attention and let you dissolve in amazing world of bright colors. Join us on our cosmic journey into the ...
 , Revised: September 25th 2012, By: 7art-screensavers

VNCViewer with repeater support. Win Mobile and Desktop support. Allows connecting to a remote desktop of another computer (via internet or network) and controlling it. It follows you can work with a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it!Virtual Network Computing ...
Viewer - Client - .net - Vnc - Remote Desktop - repeater
Size: 266k, Revised: August 21st 2012, By: ABTO

The screen saver shows the auto-generated, rotational and moving spiral galaxies. The galaxies has different forms, structures and movements. This version contains four galaxies, combined into serial show with five changing effects. User can add some own star words into space around the galaxies.
Size: 51k, Revised: August 14th 2012, By: Flying Galaxy Software

Every now and then you feel like having a break, just drift into solitary space with Uranus screensaver. It opens a soothing view of one of the distant planets in the Solar System, Uranus, the so-called "ice giant". Have a look at the majestic grace ...
Screensaver - Screensavers - Screen - 3d - System - Saver - Savers - Solar - Uranus
Size: 3,656k, Revised: August 14th 2012, By: Rixane Interactive

A unique and beautiful screensaver featuring live NASA video from Deep Space. Every time the screensaver runs it will connect to a NASA Deep Space Probe Admin server and locate an available video feed, providing you with a wonderful moving view of nebulae, stars and ...
 , Revised: August 13th 2012, By:

Friendly Aliens use different ways to communicate with the human. Alien Plasma Tunnels 3D screensaver is a new alien-assisted technology aimed to inspire us to be even more creative, cheerful, well-wishing and highly successful in our everyday life. While we enjoy the fascinating feeling of ...
Image - Screensaver - Screen - 3d - Desktop - Space - Picture - Saver - Tunnel - Amazing - Alien - Plasma - cosmos - telepathy - positivity - evolution
Size: 14,182k, Revised: August 7th 2012, By:

Space tourism is only available to exceptionally wealthy people. Among its primary attractions is the awesome and thrilling feeling of looking at the Earth from space described by all astronauts as extremely intense and mind-boggling. This screensaver provides a unique opportunity to do that without ...
Free - Download - Screensaver - Screensavers - Earth - 3d - Space - Free Screensaver - Planet - 3d Screensaver - Outer Space - space tourist
Size: 3,789k, Revised: August 4th 2012, By: Digital Minds Software

Dynamic Astronomical Map with whirling stars. Star Sky screensaver will help you to learn constellation names and their dispositions. Enjoy deep cosmic music with special sound effects while looking at moving star systems, stars and planets.
 , Revised: August 4th 2012, By: 7art-screensavers

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