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Liberty BASIC is an ideal personal Windows programming tool. Great for light programming or for learning to program (tutorial included). Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more. Large online community. Special classroom pricing! An Isidor Shareware Awards finalist! Nominated twice by PC Magazine ...
Learning - Programming - Basic - Education - Maker - Development - Visual Basic - Teaching - Arduino - qbasic - quickbasic - raspberry pi
Size: 5,236k, Revised: October 18th 2017, By: Shoptalk Systems

Advanced BAT to EXE Converter has the following unique features:

Convert and Compile any batch file to windows executable.
Advanced commands including use of Mouse Buttons in batch files.
Invisible Mode will launch the batch file completely silent.
Launch any Windows Program Invisible.
Encrypts batch ...
Convert - Compile - Batch Files - bat to exe - bat to exe converter - batch file compiler - batch file to exe - bat 2 exe
Size: 800k, Revised: June 13th 2015, By: BDargo Software

BoxedApp Packer is a developer utility for converting your regular full-fledged applications to single self-sustaining executable files that don't require the installation in order to be run. That literally means that you can squeeze all ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and just all kinds of files ...
Vmware - Virtual Disk - Temporary File - virtual disc - molebox - .net embedding - .net linking - virtual file - virtual registry - embed file - embed dll - embed activex - embed ocx - thinstall - thinapp
Size: 5,606k, Revised: April 25th 2015, By: Softanics

This programmer utility for printing HTML pages and images in an invisible way can be called from your application, passing either the file to print or a file list as a parameter. Several other printing options can be configured with command line parameters. By using ...
Html - Print - printing system - programmer utility
Size: 2,232k, Revised: November 3rd 2014, By: Bersoft

MsgConnect is indispensable if your application consists of more than one module. If you need to exchange information between modules, no matter within one system or across network, MsgConnect will solve this problem for you. You can use simple paradigm of sending binary message to ...
Windows - Delphi - Connection - Message - Library - Network - Java - Block - C# - .net - Linux - Connect - Palm - Queue - Exchange - Tcp - Mode - Packet - Pocketpc - Messaging
Size: 12,878k, Revised: May 31st 2013, By: EldoS Corporation

WEBasic is specially designed as a simple, accessible and handy basic interpreter for general purposes.Now you can use this useful instrument to further improve your development process.
Basic - Workflow - Development Tool - interpreter - Workflow Engine - basic interpreter - WEBasic
 , Revised: October 28th 2012, By: Yaroslav Gaponov

Displays information about a selected window including its size, process ID and ID values.
 , Revised: October 27th 2012, By:

Silverpoint MultiInstaller can help you install multiple component packs in a few clicks. Just download the zips and select the destination folder, all the components will be uninstalled from the IDE if they were previously installed, unziped, patched, compiled and installed on the Delphi IDE.Download ...
Delphi - Component - C Builder - Silverpoint MultiInstaller - component installer - Delphi installation - C Builder installation
 , Revised: October 27th 2012, By: Silverpoint Development

GlowCode is a real-time performance and memory profiler for developers of managed and native Windows and .net applications. GlowCode is easy to use, compact and will help you maximize application performance.Its tools are designed to detect memory leaks and resource flaws, to isolate performance bottlenecks, ...
Memory - Profiler - code profiler - allocation - GlowCode - memory profiler - leak detection
 , Revised: October 27th 2012, By: Electric Software, Inc.

Unicode File Lists Items Merger
Unicode - File - Lists - Items - Merger
Size: 1,065k, Revised: October 27th 2012, By: HotBounce

Apex SQL Script converts databases to scripts, .net exe's and deployment packages. Apex SQL Script creates insert scripts from any Microsoft SQL Server database that can be archived, emailed, checked into source control, run against another database etc. Apex SQL Script handles Identity fields and ...
Ddl - Sql Server - Structure - Sql Script - Sql Tools - inserts - sql tool - sql package - sql deployment - database deployment - source control integration - sql scripting - database scripts
Size: 11,049k, Revised: October 27th 2012, By: Apex SQL tools

VCC is a mechanical verifier for concurrent C programs. VCC takes a C program, annotated with function specifications, data invariants, loop invariants, and ghost code, and tries to prove these annotations correct. If it succeeds, VCC promises that your program actually meets its specifications. Features: ...
Viewer - Verify - Verifier - model viewer - mechanical verifier - verify program
Size: 9,728k, Revised: October 27th 2012, By: VccBuildServer

PTCPas is a small, portable framebuffer library in Free Pascal. This tool is designed to allow low-level high-speed graphics access on multiple platforms. Currently supports DirectX, X11, VBE1.2+ and fakemodes.
Develop - Development - Development Tool - PTCPas - framebuffer library - Pascal library - framebuffer
 , Revised: October 27th 2012, By: Nikolay Nikolov

Test Script Editor is a software built in order to help you test your Java UI. Comprised from Abbot, which lets you programmatically drive UI components, and Costello which allows you to easily launch, you will be able to explore and control an application. The ...
Test - Java - Tester - Test Script Editor - application test - test application - Java UI
 , Revised: October 27th 2012, By: Timothy Wall

Bricx Command Center, or BricxCC, in short, is a software commonly known as an Integrated Development Environment for programming the RCX, Scout, Cybermaster, and Spybot programmable bricks using the NQC language.The application supports programming the Scout, RCX2, and Spybot using The LEGO Company's MindScript and ...
Develop - Development - Developer - development environment - Bricx Command Center - NQC language - program RCX
 , Revised: October 26th 2012, By: John Hansen

This software development kit (SDK) provides the binaries and programming reference for the Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta). When the installation completes, you can choose to open the Bing Maps WPF Control (Beta) SDK help file (BingMapsWPFControlSDK.chm).Get Bing Maps WPF Control and give it a ...
Sdk - wpf - Bing Maps WPF Control - Bing Maps WPF - Bing Maps control - Bing Maps SDK - Bing Maps
 , Revised: October 25th 2012, By: Microsoft

SoPrism is a template designed to enable you to create a Silverlight composite application based on the Prism Framework. The architecture is based on PRISM framework and includes Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, a logging block, a configuration settings block and exception handling component in Silverlight. This ...
Template - prism - Silverlight - SoPrism - Silverlight template - Prism framework - composite application
 , Revised: October 25th 2012, By: sebmafate

Zenipex is specially designed to be a game development framework. Zenipex's main goal is to allow someone with C++ knowledge to create 3D games for multiple platforms. OpenGL and Direct3D 9 are both supported by this framewrok.
Development - Framework - Engine - Game Development - Development Framework - build game
 , Revised: October 25th 2012, By: Mitchell Keith Bloch

EdytorNC is text editor for CNC programmers. Some features : bolt holes calculation; solutions of triangles calculation; speed, feed calculation; conversion inch/mm, mm/inch; code colorizing; RS232 data transmission. FEATURES: A· bolt holes calculation A· solutions of triangles calculation A· speed, feed calculation A· conversion inch/mm, ...
Editor - Text Editor - Edit - cnc - edit text - CNC programmer
Size: 12,698k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By: Artur Koziol

Test Script Runner is a software platform designed to provide a script based mechanism for Automatic Regression Testing. The software provides a scripting language which allows the user to expand the capabilities via plug-in testing modules. A number of plug-in modules are provided with the ...
Automation - Software - Script - Testing - Regression
Size: 5,294k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By: Ideal Systems Consultancy Ltd

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