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The Gantt Chart is a modern and extremely easy-in-use project plan system. This system allows you to specify complex tasks sequences - a task or multiple tasks can be required to be completed before other tasks can be started. This modern and extremely handy program ...
Task Manager - Scheduler - Calendar - Organizer - Database - Pim - Organize - Project - Personal - Reminder - Scheduling - Planner - Chart - Gantt - Project Manager - Timeline - assistant manager - Gantt Chart Software
Size: 14,199k, Revised: July 16th 2017, By: OrgBusiness Software

Nevron Calendar is a powerful, yet easy to use app for showing and organizing appointments and recurring events. It is a combination between Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar functionalities plus many more. Nevron Calendar helps you keep your busy day or company agenda well-scheduled ...
Scheduler - Calendar - Organizer - Desktop Calendar - Free Organizer - free calendar - task scheduler - event organizer - shift calendar - shift scheduler - alternative to Google Calendar - alternative to iCloud Calendar
Size: 7,528k, Revised: April 2nd 2017, By: Nevron Software LLC

Garden Organizer is the best way to organize and manage garden chores, activities and all other related information. Those who are not expert in using computers for the management of their personal garden or their garden business can easily benefit from the intuitive and easy ...
Organize - Landscape - Plants - Garden - Gardening - plant - landscaping - garden calendar - garden scheduler - gardening software - organize garden - catalog plants - garden tool - home tools - garden schedule
Size: 16,832k, Revised: September 28th 2016, By: eDataset Software

Address software for Windows users. Our software allows individuals, small businesses, and corporations to organize and manage all kinds of contacts and addresses. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use address management solutions make it easy to set up and use. Using a ...
Pim - Contacts - Address - Labels - Address Software - address organizer
Size: 7,000k, Revised: August 30th 2016, By: Marek Kosznik

Smart Calendar software help you to prepare and generate Event Calendar. You can type your events into calendar quickly and easily. It works like a traditional calendar. You choose the months for the calendar, and you will be provided with different day boxes to fill ...
Print Calendar - Excel Calendar - event calendar - html calendar - smart calendar - pdf calendar - insert calendar event - calendar printing
Size: 36,379k, Revised: April 9th 2016, By: Technical Support

LeaderTask is a free service for task management. It will help you to make a task list for a day/week/month/year, to arrange tasks by projects, to divide them into sub-tasks, to set the reminders for the most important ones, to attach documents to them and ...
Notes - Calendar - Organizer - Time Management - Tasks - Reminders - Project Management - Planner - Planning - To Do List - Task List - Task Management - GTD - assignments - time-management - digital day planner
Size: 10,107k, Revised: March 31st 2016, By: LeaderTask LLC

Efficient To-Do List Free is a professional, cross-platform and handy task management software package. By specifying the priorities or order of to-dos (tasks) or specifying different colors for different task labels, Efficient To-Do List makes every effort to assist you in following the "First Things ...
Task Manager - To Do List - Task Management - todo lists - task management software - to do list software - todo list software - daily to do list - tasks management - task manager system - tasks manager - task project management - task manager software - task list manager
Size: 12,886k, Revised: January 7th 2016, By: Efficient Software

TrayDay - date, calendar, week number and counter utility for the Windows tray, or Windows XP Notification area. TrayDay places an icon showing the date (day of the month) in the system tray. The icon resembles a page of a "tear-off" calendar. You can therefore ...
Time - Internet - Calendar - Date - Julian - Tray - Counter - Millennium - Swatch - week number
Size: 1,333k, Revised: December 24th 2015, By: MJMSoft Design Ltd

Send SMS and make phone calls within CepheiQ Contact Manager quickly and easily via Skype which runs in the background.
Pay only LOW COST Skype SMS and Phone Call fees.
Setup of your Skype account is easy and cost effective.
No on-going monthly fees or ...
Email - Sms - Contact Manager - phone calls
Size: 2,405k, Revised: December 8th 2015, By: Cephei Systems

CKZ Time Clock is your #1 Time Clock Software solution for replacing that old decrepit time clock. Once setup our Time Clock Software will help you manage all your employees without wasting time with old paper time cards. Each pay period our Time Clock Software ...
employee time clock - online timesheet - Time Clock Software - online time clock - web based time clock - online timeclock - online employee time clock - web employee time clock
Size: 17,128k, Revised: December 11th 2014, By: CKZ Time Clock

User friendly, highly customizable , this software will allow you to organize your daily, recurring or upcoming events schedule just in seconds. It will always remind you about important events, displaying a reminder with a play-tone on occasion dates - you can set it to ...
Desktop Calendar
Size: 383k, Revised: August 24th 2014, By: Nedelcho Kovachev

Working with many objects (boats in marinas,tends in camp,phases in process diagram, machines in factory, and other) with many properties, which are parts of an specific system, can be difficult to process without organized approach. And some times even impossible, when numbers of objects increase.

History - Archive - objects status review - alarms event
Size: 17,576k, Revised: July 12th 2014, By: 3eyeobjects

ASTARICKS(R) PLUS is a ground breaking Windows app that interacts with the ASTARICKS CARD SYSTEM. The app works on both Windows 7 & 8 Desktops, Laptops & Tablets & allows users to quickly & easily save, sort, view, share & compare ASTARICKS Digital Business Cards. ...
Free - Notes - Software - Freeware - Productivity - Marketing - Crm - Reminders - Organiser - Personal Information Management - Windows 7 - desktop app - windows 8 - picture gallery - Digital Business Cards - Contact Management System - Lead Retrieval System
Size: 14,264k, Revised: June 12th 2014, By: ASTARICKS Pty Ltd

CleverNote PIM is a comprehensive application that includes an intuitive working environment for managing notes, ideas, lists and events into one place. It comes in handy for personal and business purposes alike. The tool has a portable counterpart for carrying all your notes around on ...
Manager - Software - Information - List - Calendar - Database - Book - Address - To-do - Personal - Office - Planning - chores - SSuite - actvities
Size: 1,185k, Revised: May 3rd 2014, By: SSuite Office Software

DJCalendar is an Event Planner Software with a user friendly calendar organizer and scheduler for managing customer events, event contracts, invoices, and payments. Customize and Create templates, contracts, invoices, etc.. with your own company logos. Insert [Field Names] into your custom forms to have DJCalendar ...
Event Scheduler - Dj Software - event planning - event planner software - calendar organizer - dj booking software
Size: 41,545k, Revised: January 8th 2014, By: DJ Calendar

Keep all your appointments up to date while your on the move. Appointments may be indexed by priority. Please Note - If you are running this application on Windows Vista / 7 / 8, simply right-click on the executable and select the "Run as Administrator" ...
Calendar - Date - Organizer - Year - Month - Index - Diary - Mobile - Organiser - Portable
Size: 560k, Revised: January 5th 2014, By: SSuite Office Software

Address Book Restore Toolbox easily recovers WAB files and analyzes the structure of corresponding documents on any computer in the network, regardless its configuration, installed software and other parameters. This application is exactly what you are looking for to stand against any threat, affecting the ...
restore outlook express contacts - restore windows address book - restore address book - restore outlook express address book - address book restore - restore outlook address book - how to restore windows address book - windows address book restore
Size: 2,808k, Revised: November 26th 2013, By: RestoreTools com Inc

A portable year and day planner for people on the move. If you are running this application on Windows Vista / 7 / 8, set the application to run as an "Administrator". You will only need to do this once. No Java or DotNet required, ...
Student - Family - Calendar - Date - Year - Day - Appointments - Hobby - People - Diary - Home - Planner - College - Friends
Size: 608k, Revised: September 28th 2013, By: SSuite Office Software

C-Organizer Professional is your one stop personal information manager. It is a fully featured solution providing an easy-to-use organizer complete with a planner, events calendar, contacts list, password manager and notes. The software includes everything that you need in order to plan your day effectively, ...
Notes - Bookmarks - Address Book - Calendar - Management - Organizer - Pim - Events - Contacts - Appointments - Tasks - Passwords - organizer software
Size: 17,998k, Revised: September 25th 2013, By: CSoftLab

Our software has been designed and developed to run natively on any of Microsoft's Windows operating systems through the use of the WIN32 API structure. This makes our software do the least amount of work to satisfy your every whim and any work load that ...
Manager - Software - Information - Personal - Office - SSuite
Size: 6,409k, Revised: September 17th 2013, By: SSuite Office Software

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