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It is the game of the blooming flowers and building the lines (rectangles, crosses, corners, snakes, trapeziums, shoes ... - 18 figures). There are hundreds the additional pictures and several colour backgrounds.

1)Simple lines - classik. The aim of the game is to get ...
Lines - Computer Game - Flowers - Butterflies - Rose - Igradon - Verchenko
Size: 1,830k, Revised: July 25th 2015, By: Valentine Verchenko

Ingenious, challenging, addictive - the game of Pebbles is a must for board game lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. The object of the game is to find out a set of secret codes formed by color pebbles within 10 tries. When the game starts you ...
Board Game - Puzzle - Logic - Board - Code - Decode - Color - Colour - Secret - Mastermind - Stone - Master Mind - codebreaker - code-breaking - codemaker - inference - pebble
Size: 257k, Revised: May 30th 2012, By: Novel Games Limited

AbcPuzzles offers two variations on a tile-based puzzle game. Each uses the same basic engine, in which you move the tiles in groups of four or more by spinning them with the control located in the corner where four tiles touch. Much like Rubik's Cube ...
Logic - Free - Games - Puzzles - Free Games - Logic Puzzles - Abcpuzzles
Size: 708k, Revised: October 24th 2011, By: getfreefile

Software Downloads 1-3 of 3