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SetMate is an alternative window manager. The SetMate divides the desktop workspace into a customized grid. The grid corresponds to the desktop size. With a click on the grid and highlight cells, you can transform the position and size of the current window. Also, you ...
Enhancement - Transparency - Manage Window - Window Manager - Desktop Organizer - desktop grid
Size: 771k, Revised: April 9th 2019, By: Aldo Radesic

WINSLEEP by MollieSoft keeps your computer asleep (while not too busy) as much as possible during periods you specify.
** Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
** Provides a detailed time-line graph showing when your computer was awake, asleep, or hibernating.
** ...
windows sleep program - saves electricity - schedules sleep by usage - graphic timeline - computer sleep periods - wake schedule task
Size: 1,160k, Revised: April 6th 2019, By: MollieSoft

Advanced task switching and program launching for power users - use two consecutive keys to launch and switch to up to 40 different applications and/or files, then use the same two keys to switch to the running applications.
Store up to 8,000 files and programs ...
Program Launcher - File Launcher - application launcher - task switcher - window resizer - program switcher - quick snap - switcher mode - power user commands - system shut down window
Size: 2,420k, Revised: October 29th 2017, By: Bond Interface Design Ltd

FireDaemon Pro is a system utility that allows you to install and run any 32-bit or 64-bit application or script (EXE, DLL, BAT CMD, .NET, Perl, Java, Python, TCL/TK) as a Windows service. FireDaemon Pro features easy service configuration via the GUI or command line, ...
Windows - Stop - Cpu - Monitor - Capture - Program - Script - Service - Directory - Run - Start - Active - Logging - Scheduling - Debug - Crash - Application - Shutdown - Detection - Variable
Size: 16,887k, Revised: September 24th 2017, By: FireDaemon Technologies Limited

SSuite Mac Dock is a very simple Windows utility designed to create a Mac OS X-like dock on your desktop, allowing you to launch certain programs with just a single click, just like you do with the ones in the Quick Launch. SSuite Mac Dock ...
Menu - Startup - Dock - Cut - Taskbar - Popup - Alternative - Applications - Short - main - streamlined
Size: 5,213k, Revised: November 29th 2016, By: SSuite Office Software

WX Smart Desktop is a user-friendly and efficient software solution designed to provide you with a choice in terms of Windows taskbars, as it also offers several additional functions that can help you increase your work productivity.

The utility is fairly simple to understand and ...
Menu - Memory - Programs - Files - Shortcut - Launch - Run - Media - Start - Open - Speed - Mouse - Access - Battery - Optimizer - Taskbar - Screen Recorder - Colors - Touch - Smart
Size: 3,864k, Revised: February 20th 2016, By: WXSDA

The Windows 10 start menu forces you to use apps and impairs your ability to access folders and common applications. This application will help you escape these annoyances. Start Menu 10 is the right solution for replacing the Windows 10 start menu.

Opening the menu ...
Start Menu 10 - Start10 - alternative menu - windows 10 start menu - windows start menu 10
Size: 5,872k, Revised: February 8th 2016, By: OrdinarySoft

That's right! WebRun is a software for Windows that allows you to run any program installed on your PC, simply by clicking a link inside an HTML page. WebRun also opens documents, launches command line commands and .bat files! The browser is the main application ...
run exe from html - open an exe file through a link - hyperlink to local executable - run an exe - run a bat file - run exe files on intranet
Size: 640k, Revised: January 11th 2016, By: WebRunApps

FunMouse. It's the best software for your mouse. Period! Add instant productivity to any application with hot spot shortcuts, mouse gestures, extra button assignments, text selection tools, Paste2 search utility, clipboard extender and quick text manager.

Easily control the system volume and see how far ...
Launcher - Program Launcher - Mouse Gestures - hot corners - funmouse - mouse tracker - mouse distance - hotspots
Size: 17,660k, Revised: September 14th 2015, By: CH Design

How many times does your computer slow you down in the middle of important work because of too many open and running apps, services and etc? It’s very annoying and disturbing, we all know. We can give you an insight in one of the simplest ...
Startup - Registry - Task Manager - Windows Task Manager - windows services - network connections - best task manager
Size: 878k, Revised: June 11th 2015, By: SterJo Software

This software was developed to enhance your experience with access to PC programs as is done by the Start Bar. With an innovative and easy to use architecture, WX Smart Bar makes his infinitely more dynamic, easy and interactive experience.
Menu - Memory - Programs - Files - Shortcut - Launch - Run - Start - Open - Speed - Mouse - Access - Battery - Optimizer - Taskbar - Colors - Touch - Smart
Size: 2,451k, Revised: March 8th 2014, By: WXSDA

This software was developed to enhance your experience with access to PC programs as is done by the Smart Bar. With an innovative and easy to use architecture, WX Smart Bar makes his infinitely more dynamic, easy and interactive experience.
Menu - Memory - Programs - Files - Shortcut - Launch - Run - Start - Open - Speed - Mouse - Access - Battery - Optimizer - Taskbar - Colors - Touch - Smart
Size: 2,451k, Revised: January 24th 2014, By: WXSDA

With Taskbar Hide you can fully control the taskbar.As a hide windows tool, it could hide windows program (hide applications, hide program) completely through a hotkey, also you can minimize them to the system tray instead of an icon on your taskbar.You also can change ...
Hide Windows - Hide Applications - Minimize To Tray - Boss Key - Hide Program - Hide Task - Game Hide - Hide Windows Tool - hide window - hide windows taskbar - hide icons - stay on top window - maximize windows - max ie second window - maximize ie window
Size: 873k, Revised: May 5th 2013, By: Eusing Software

If you are a Windows user and have a lot of icons placed on the desktop, it may be really difficult to find a certain icon and manage all of them. There is a better way of organizing all your icons on the desktop, using ...
Desktop - Shortcut - Launch - Launcher - application launcher
Size: 3,487k, Revised: November 11th 2012, By: Eusing Software

The standard Windows Start menu is far from ideal. Too often users find themselves taking too long to look for an application they want to start. This happens because the Start menu often has a very long list of programs that are installed on the ...
Start Menu - all programs - handy start menu
Size: 7,566k, Revised: November 10th 2012, By: Konstantin Polyakov

ExHotkey also provides lots of system operations such as "Lock Computer", "Capture Screen" which makes you operate your PC magically.Key Features:(1) It is a magic keyboard hotkey software. You can launch your own programs by using hotkeys by using ExHotkey.(2) It also provides extra functions ...
Shortcut - Launcher - Screen Capture - Print Screen - hotkey manager - ExHotkey - keyboard helper - launcher manager - quick start - swrsoft
Size: 573k, Revised: October 25th 2012, By:

MING Bandwidth Monitor PRO is a powerful bandwidth meter and monitor, which measures and displays all traffic to/from any process, your computer or your network. MING Bandwidth Monitor PRO shows you which processes in your machine are causing TCP/IP network traffic, how much traffic that ...
Monitor - Log - Network - Bandwidth - Process - Traffic - Meter
Size: 3,912k, Revised: October 23rd 2012, By: MING Software Inc.

Tired of endless browsing though folders when accessing Open, Save As and Browse dialogs? PS Hot Folders lets you skip the browsing and access any item on your PC with one mouse click or by pressing a specified hot key combination. The program builds itself ...
Windows - Save - Shell - Tray - Shortcut - Folder - Icon - Explorer - Open - Access - Hotkeys - Quick - Tweak - Dialogs
Size: 1,167k, Revised: October 21st 2012, By: PS Soft Lab

FileBox eXtender enhances the Windows user interface in several powerful ways. It adds a "push-pin" button to your "top level" windows. This function prevents any window you "pin" to the desktop from being covered by any other windows. Tested only Vista x64 release and on ...
Manager - Button - Manage - windows accessories - manage buttons - windows optimizer - File Box eXtender
Size: 1,741k, Revised: October 21st 2012, By: Hyperionics Technology LLC

SliderDock is a freeware application launcher for windows in the shape of a 3D wheel. This dock focus on making the access to icons easier by making them rotate toward a single focused point on the screen with the use of the mouse wheel. Once ...
application launcher dock customize icons windows
Size: 5,110k, Revised: October 18th 2012, By: Dimitri Roozendaal

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