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Base64 Tools for Windows is a utility, which allows you to Encode/Decode File, Text, String, URL and any other data and if you are a Software Developer you can also check out our Base64 Encode/ Decode ActiveX DLL Library used in this application.


Very easy ...
Text - File - Tool - Convert - Tools - Converter - Encoder - Decoder - Url - Encode - Decode - Application - Mime - Base64 - String
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DreamCoder for PostgreSQL Enterprise Freeware is a tool for developing in a PostgreSQL database. It can make daily tasks much easier for developers. DreamCoder for PostgreSQL has features that allow you to quickly and easily perform all database development tasks, such as creating and compiling ...
Scripts - Development - Debugger - Administration - Sql - Postgresql - Postgresql Gui - Postgresql Client - postgresql tools - PL pgSQL - PostgreSQL IDE - PL pgSQ IDE - PL pgSQ Gui - PL pgSQ Client - PostgreSQL Monitor - PostgreSQL Query
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Software Downloads 1-2 of 2